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August 2009



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Aug. 21st, 2009


Application super_powers


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FANDOM CLAMP School Detectives

The ability to tell when people are lying to him(includes not telling the whole truth). After that fact has been adressed Suoh can make them answer answer any question truthfully

POSITION First year student

Suoh was born it a family of ninja in a secluded village in El. He led the normal life of a ninja, training and the like, until he started grade 1. It was then he discovered his power. There had never been any reason for people to lie in his village, but when he started school it seemed that was all he heard, lies.

Whenever he was lied to he would get the feeling something defiantly wasn’t right and he’d say it. Whoever it was he was talking to would freeze up and Suoh would panic. At this time he had no clue how to control his power, but still the president of the student counsil saw this as something he could use.

Now, Suoh was never very fond of Nokoru, the president, but that changed. There was a kidnapping attempt on Nokoru when Suoh was around and because of his ninja pride he couldn’t let this go. He jumped into action, though was over powered and knocked out. Both he and the president were brought to the hid out of the kidnappers and Nokoru was brought in to met someone to talk to, while Suoh was locked up in a cell. He quickly escaped and saved Nokoru.

After that Suoh joined the student council and again not to long after that, along with Akira Ijyuin they formed the CLAMP School Detectives, dedicated to helping ladies in need. In the next years Suoh lived normally again, slowly learning to control his power, and when he was fourteen he received an invitation. It was from Estrasia Academy, a school where he could learn to control his power. Nokoru, now his best friend, encourage him to go, telling him how good it would be for him. So he did, he went.

Suoh is the calm and practical one of the trio, and he is very much a no nonsense kind of person. Unfortunately, his desire for logical order is slightly difficult, or at least when he has Nokoru and Akira running around. Suoh tends to be a very serene person, but sometimes his two best friends can seriously give him serious headache with all the frustration he sometimes builds up with them (mostly Nokoru). Despite being devoted to protect one Imonoyama Nokoru, he's also very devoted to doing his work diligently as the secretary of the High School Division. Yet, there's one thing he shares with his forever lazy president and it's a defining character trait -- he is a feminist. He, like Nokoru and Akira, will go to grand measures in order to help a damsel in distress, no matter what the problem is. Suoh also has another defining character trait: he's very serious and somewhat stern nearly all the time. He is a very hard worker and always completes his tasks on time, and when Nokoru doesn't do his own, Suoh will sit Nokoru down and all but force him to do it.

Suoh's is in very good physical condition as a result of his ninja training. While he is small since he's only fourteen(ish), he is tall for his age and well-built for (he's taller than Nokoru... not that that was any massive feat in itself). He has very, VERY developed training and fighting abilities, which is mandatory for someone that is in the Takamura clan. But even for a Takamura ninja, Suoh's combat abilities are very elite. He even had his dans in kudo by the time he was a second grader, and it is said that the only reason Suoh stopped there was because the sport was becoming too easy for him, and he became bored with it.

Suoh slammed his hands down on the desk. “Kaichou! You have to finish your paperwork!” A stack of paper, easily two feet high sat untouched on the wooden desk. It aggravated Suoh when his blonde friend didn’t get his work done. It made more work for the ninja when getting Nokoru to do work, so ultimately, it was more work for the both of them.

“I’ll get it done Suoh! Don’t worry~” Suoh fumed. An obvious lie as always, why did he try? He never got his work done unless he was endlessly prodded.

“No, you won’t!” The words hit him and Nokoru froze, immediately Suoh realized what he had done. By addressing his president’s lie he had unintentionally activated his super power. He concentrated hard, pressing his finger tips gentally against the blond’s temples and leaning his forehead against the others. Even with all the pratice Suoh had contact was the only way he knew how to reverse the effect. Slowly the cloudiness left Nokoru’s eyes, the normal blue color returning. The tenseness left his body, but with his eyes closed Suoh couldn’t tell.

“You like being close to me Suoh?,” The ninja juped back out of suprise.

“K-kaichou!?” He was embarresed to say the least. He had a girlfriend and as much as Nokoru could pass to be her, he wasn’t. He recompossed himself. “I-I apologize for that! I still have trouble keeping control of my power.”

The blonde waved his hand dimisivly and popped out a fan with the words ‘No worries’ on it. “Ohoho! It’s no problem! None at all Suoh, I’ve gotten used to it by now~” He could not see how thst was something Nokoru could say so casually. The fact that he was used to it meant it happened too often. “So! Suoh, would you like to go out for ice cream?”

“I would love to Kaichou. But we can’t.” Nokoru looked at him innocently, faking confusion. “You still have paperwork to do.” Nokoru facedesked. He had hoped Suoh had forgotten, of course though, he hadn’t. It was his job not to after all~

Jul. 17th, 2009



This is the concrit and contact post for Suoh Takamura steelxgaze. If you have a problem with the way I play him I'm open to ideas, so just tell me here.

Mun- Kamyo/Colly
Email- Kamyo-chan@hotmail.com
AIM- Ctimesitsself
If all else fails message to this journal